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Hi everyone! Welcome to my first entry of
my blog.  I am hoping to update this page
regularly.  I just finished taking some
amazing classes with Lilla Rogers school
called Make Art That Sells.  

September 25, 2017
Working on finishing my website and
creating some new art.
Got totally inspired to create art from
SeaGrapes and the Sea!
I think I have a few different styles, and I
can be inspired by other styles as
well...Above are definitely influenced by
Italian pottery.  The art to the left is fun
and whimsical, and if you look closely,
you can see some of my little bug

Well, off to work on this site, have a great
day and if you're interested in using my
art or characters, please contact me!  
Let's talk!!
The house interior renovations continue!

Walt is continuing to work on our English
cottage.  A few years ago, we had a flood in the
house...which started us on this road of
renovation.  Since then, we have installed stone
floors, wood beams on the ceilings and stone
textures to the walls.  It has really transformed
our house into a warm, cozy the
ones we love in England.  Here's Walt putting
texture into some plain, 2 x 6 pieces of pine.
Here's how the door in the dinning room turned
out.  We added the molded studs to make the
door look more interesting.  Notice the faux stone
work....this is made by using fix all and applying it
to the plain dry wall.  Walt really makes it look real!

Below is the finished room.  He even added lines
to the windows with black caulking to make it look
like leaded glass.  
Here's Walt with his curved beam
before it was painted.  This was quite
an engineering challenge with
multiple pieces of wood to create the

He created a niche in the living room
by cutting through the wall and
adding pieces of dry wall.  Then he
textured those to make them look like
stone, one of our favorite additions to
the room!!!
One of our favorite places is the New
Children's Museum.  We created live
art for events on their famous huge
chalk board walls.  Here's Walt
creating a hug
e under water scene
using chalk and his imagination!

I was on the other side doing one of
the cool bottom fish...I love these guys!
Live Chalk Art
Our favorite places
Cruising the San
Juan Islands is
one of our
Sailing to Catalina Island has
been a yearly tradition since
1986.  It has become our home
away from home!